Interesting how places just pop up on your radar eh? I've never really thought much about the Dominican - but yesterday I had a fantastic meeting with an old friend who helps facilitate incredible work there building houses, villages and bringing in medical supplies to the country. Really neat. Good good work. I saw a new passion in him that i hadn't seen before either which was really neat to see what makes him tick.
It really reminded me of what I want to use these project management/ building supervision/ manager skills for - something motivated less by greed and more by compassion. He actually spoke about someone he knows who holds my dream job - rapid response disaster management coordinator - or something like that. Oh man - I get goosebumps thinking about being able to do that! Fun and I would be darn good at it too....sorry for the shameless plug!
Anyone know someone hiring for that....?! Grin!
So the second Dominican connection is a good friend Krissie who is down there for 4 months helping to lead Hero Holiday teams. She's done it a bunch but she is going to really lead this year and so her and her friends are posting on a blog


We've organised a prayer room in the building overlooking the village - very cool - right above the bank. We're just a small group here so it isn't used as much as we'd like yet - but it is going! So far I have had the most intense experience of my life in there with our whole family. We gathered and cranked some worship and then all prayed at the same time - it was intense. I was in tears to hear all my kids pouring out their hearts to the Lord. As they got comfortable they got bolder (there's a sermon there isn't there....!) and they started to really cry out - it was so cool and such a moment as a Father - I can only imagine what is is like for our heavenly Father when we cry out in our bedraggled state. We've asked the kids to take a shift a week and so that is really neat too - not just because they love it and are OK with it - but because it is encouraging to see their hearts poured out in prayer on the walls. I'll post some pictures of the room and the Village we are helping to build here later.


I am addicted to golf -there is no other way to say it. I dreamt of golf last night - and what is even cooler is that Caleb my eldest is totally into golf too! So we go to a local 9 hole that is tiny! Built by a farmer in his peach orchard and we golf - $10 ALL you can golf! Crazy. We could throw a stone there. So I suck....but I love it. Actually my friend STU and I went before work yesterday and his pointers made a marked difference in my game. I'm a good learner....just need to know what to do!

Not much else - tons perculating inside the 'ole nogin - but not enough time to get it out on the blog!

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