Man I find it hard to take time out - I wonder why.
I think it is Brennan Manning or actually maybe Thomas Merton who talks about the concern we should feel when spending time in silence before the Lord doesn't bring us peace but rather agitation. Can I, can you, be alone with God in quiet?
I am trying to add little things to my day - 15min to share a devotional time with thousands of people around the globe from the 24-7 prayer spaces, I am going to try and follow Lisa's lead - and pray the Lord's prayer every day at noon, and each evening I try to end the day with evening prayer from the prayer book.
Now this isn't a form of legalism - it isn't a type of gearing myself up - it is a real desire to center myself on Christ throughout the day - and allow Him to permeate my speech and my actions....the problem's blasted hard!
I find myself wanting to do any procrastination - as soon as I quiet myself a million thoughts flood my mind from the most mundane to the most important.
I don't like making inferences from the negative...for example I don't like the theological argument that sees the enemy doing things and then claims "if the enemy is doing this....shouldn't we be doing it in counter attack." That being said - I often wonder when things are hard....if somehow I am right where I should be. Walking through the valley is where the rod and the staff comfort.

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