what a fantastic line - amazing.

I was reminded of it today as I was reading a novel. I don't find much time to read these days other than work related - but every now and then I pick up a murder mystery novel by Ellis Peters - the Cadfael series. Cadfael is a monk in the 1100's I believe - who spends the time he doesn't spend in prayer solving mysteries. They are great books and I can polish one off in a couple of days - great way to relax.

The last paragraph of the book i just finished involves a discussion by the sheriff and Brother Cadfael about a woman who had committed murder and been killed in the ensuing conflict -

" 'Old friend,' said Hugh, shaking his head with rueful affection, 'I doubt even you can get Susanna into the fold among the lambs. She chose her way, and it's taken her far out of reach of man's mercy, if ever she'd lived to face trial. And now, I suppose,' he said, seeing his friend's face still thoughtful and undismayed, 'you will tell me roundly that God's reach is longer than man's.'

'It had better be, ' said Brother Cadfael very solemnly, 'otherwise we are all lost.' "


in other news - did you see American Idol singing 'Shout to the Lord.' What a weird, weird paradox. Very cool on one hand.

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