Today was over 16 degrees in Niagara on the Lake - wooohooo.
C'mon spring. I hate to admit it, but weather makes me depressed. I really like any weather, just as long as it is doing something - I don't like boredom!

I've been giving a lot of thought and prayer to the place we find ourselves. The Village.
It has been really hard wondering, praying trying to discern what we are here for. As a family we have been reading through Acts. Basically we sit around after dinner and read a chapter - the kids all read a verse and we go around in a circle. It is fantastic. Sometimes crazy - but fantastic. The kids are getting good reading time, we get to think about stuff together and it extends those few sacred moments of together time. It seems the older my kids get the less time we have all together. 7 people doing their stuff makes for a ridiculously busy life.
At any rate, back to the point. We have been reading Acts and I have taken incredible comfort in two sections of the book. The first describes Paul leaving the A church and heading out - twice in a short space of time he tries to go somewhere and God stops him. It actually says in 16:7 that the Spirit of god would not let Him enter Bithynia. That is cool. So I've got to believe that for someone submitted to God the Lord will stop us from going where He doesn't want them. Secondly, Luke follows this incident up very quickly (1 chapter later) with the section where Paul preaches to the Areopagus and he says this "...and He [God] determined the times set for them [men] and the exact places where they should live."

Pretty cool - so it kind of seems to me that wherever we are is sacred. God puts us all in significant places....right where we are. Now I'm not talking about being disobedient to the calling of the Lord, but I have struggled for some time with the idea that there are specific places that are more inhabited by the presence of God.

The problem with that is that it is pretty clear in the scripture that God doesn't inhabit a place, He inhabits a people. The kids and I were also looking at this in Acts - check out Acts 7:48. when we cry out for God to fill a place, we are calling out for Him to fill a people, us.

OK - let's move to the Village. So our feeling that this is a significant place that God wants to use - really would lead us to believing that the people who are here on the land are pretty neat, because God is already talking to us about inhabiting this place and using it send people out to the lost - and that by our logic above means that God is planning on really filling the people here. Really cool.

So how does he do that? what needs to take place for God to fill? Well, Acts helps us out there too - because when the filling came...they were "all together in one accord." My Dad used to make a terrible joke about being in a Honda! So the Lord commands the blessing when people are in Unity. How do people come into one accord in unity - humility and prayer. They've got to repent to each other, come together in prayer and just be ONE. When they are ONE then God will draw all men. Often we act as if we need to rail against the principalities and powers and get the keys and make sure all our triangles are in the right order....I don't know for sure...but I don't think so. I think we love Him, and we love people, and when we love Him together and come into agreement about our LOVE FOR HIM (notice the point of unity) then He commands the blessing and let's 'er howl.

And that's what I've been thinking.

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