We had a fantastic initial gathering of four families in the Village at our place last night. We basically met to talk about being the church here in the Village. At the core of our identity we want to include rhythms of prayer and I showed some of the 24-7 videos. It was amazing. 10kids.... 9 adults. It was great. It felt really good and I know I, at least, am really excited about what is beginning here.

Just as a reminder - we are located in a small village, actually in our area there are approx 240 houses existing with another 200 to go up, a commercial area that is beginning which will house restaurants, a pub, coffee shop, musical venues, equipping and training school - we are basically involved in building a small village and at the same time involved in building the community. Pretty dang cool. This whole village is built around the ideas inherent in new urbanism which seems very much in line with some of the thinking we have been doing on the church front. geographic relationships and accountability, sustainability, green, etc... It all just seems to fit together.

Especially when you consider that 3 years ago when a group of people were praying for me/us in Calgary, one of them prophesied that God would build a community around me. It was that prophecy that we spent 7 days praying through in July that led us to move here. Pretty neat I say. I suppose that whole story should be told at some point...later.

Last thought for tonight. I have been dialoguing with someone regarding the insular nature of church and home groups etc.... As I have been thinking about it I have come to the conclusion that the inherent problem is our selfishness. Not the fact that the members are Christian - but rather the fact that the members are human! You can feel incredibly separated and out of the loop - unwelcome in fact, at a book club if the people there are not thoughtful. Generally we are selfish and as a result we become complacent and apathetic. This to me seems to be the problem... complacent people don't go out of their way to make new comers feel welcome to either book clubs or church. Perhaps we should drink more at church.... most people who have had a little too much to drink are very welcoming....Grin!

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