So - we got a jump on the new Year and have started to work out as a family at our YMCA. The doctor has some concern about our eldest's weight, and mine too! When Caleb and I went to get memberships together the cost for the two of us was the same as a family pass, so we all get to go.
I really like it there - I am the most out of shape ever, but it feels good to go.
Something that helps is the fact that the YMCA is a Christian organisation. Now, I always knew this, but it seems really evident here. There is a stone at the front of the building with a scripture verse on it... "that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me." And if that wasn't enough - the mission statement on the home page of the Y reads, "To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy mind, spirit and body for all."
Funny eh, many of us in ministry are dreaming of ways to impact the community, to be kind, to share the truth of the Father's compassion without being offensive. We discuss at great lengths programs that would meet the needs of the population, how we could allow the love of the Lord to infect our commerce, our families, our everyday life. Seems as if the Y is doing a decent job!
It seems right to me that the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is promoted by a Christian organisation, it is also really apparent through their programs that they really care about the family...without being really controlling or offensive about it. Neat.

So all that said I also have the conundrum that I always have when I begin to work out. I love working out - it feels good, reminds me of times in my life when I was more athletic and involved in more sporting activities. Here is the problem - If I take 45 min to work out - half an hour to drive there that uses up 1hour and 20min. Then we are trying to spend some time as a family every day doing some devotions - praying, developing a rhythm - so let's say that takes 30min. Then I have to work 9.5 hours each day = 11hr 20min and I haven't eaten, or spent any time on anything else. So...let's say I spend 9hours sleeping, that leaves 3hours and 40min to do the following,

talk with the kids
talk with Catherine
work on 24-7
take care of the house
build and maintain friendships

you know.....i might be able to do it....if I am REALLY self disciplined...which for those of you who know me is my strong suit....


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