I was listening to a CBC documentary coming out of the environmental meetings in Bali right now..Bali? I think so...at any rate, there was a report on some work that is being done in Asian Countries - specifically I believe Thailand (i'll really have to get my facts straight and repost!) The point is what they were doing in the specific municipality however, not so much where it was. In this city all the police vehicles were converted to run on biofuel and all the food vendor stalls would bring their cooking oil at the end of the day to the local cop shop! Talk about killing a number of birds with only one stone! No more cooking oil down the city sewers, no more bad exhaust, and major gas savings for the municipality!
Great idea- it annoys me that we have to wait until their is a crisis before people start using their heads. Why not do that everywhere...now! The savings have got to pay for the infrastructure change and the good publicity would be great for large cities, not too mention the fact that we wouldn't be dumping all that cooking oil wherever it is being dumped - which you can probably guess is not the right places usually!

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