So today we went to sick Kids hospital for an appointment - Caed has a rare skin condition and we have waited almost two months for this appointment - so we head downtown. Leave NOTL at 7 with all 5 kids in tow - take a train, a subway and finally arrive, 20mins early (like they get processed) So we get processed and we sit down, then we wait...and wait some more, then we get taken into an exam room and wait, and wait some more....we waited 1.5 hours for the doctor. The doctor then took about 25min to exam Caed and write a prescription.
So....freaking annoying!

I am politically a liberal - so...I understand long wait times to see specialists are part of a public health care system (in general...they can do a better job - public health care does not need to be sub par) what I don't get is why after waiting two months they can't do an appointment on time! I don't know another industry that functions 1.5 hours behind what it commits to! Can you imagine?

So I'm cheesed. Annoyingly the doctors were great. Amazing, friendly, kind and nice to Caed. I wish they were crusty and then I could have justified getting angry with them. As it was I smiled and said thankyou and not much else!

After, we went to the Marche for some great food and fun with the family.

I love going out for food with my family. Lots of fun too with all the kids - We only had one broken glass today which is a pretty good score.

The other thing that I realised - or really was reminded of being downtown - I love cities.
I love public transit - I love high schools - I love airports - I love hospitals - I love universities -
Can you see the trend?

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