I came across this article while checking out Mark Berry's blog. Incidentally as an aside - I hooked up with Mark many years ago - not sure if he would remember. I was headed to a conference called cultural shift and I had found his blog pretty encouraging. I have now rediscovered it and the little blurb that grace has on him was so encouraging...."inspired by the tale of st brendan the navigator mark and fellow travellers are developing a missional community in telford." In fact, not to get too carried away, but the folks visiting grace before him are from Moot - and they have been working on a rule of life.... sounds awfully familiar! Love it. So..that was my aside! What I was going to say was that it is interesting to me that Steve Chalke makes such a grand comment on creationism - "Creationism is a load of garbage, Genesis is a poem based on a Babylonian creation myth." What interests me is that he would make such an absolute statement while purporting to be an inclusive organisation and person. I agree with the line of reasoning that says, 'creation may have happened in 6 literal days, maybe not...in the end if you don't know Jesus you are missing the point." However, I don't see the usefullness of completely shutting down a portion of theory that concludes that the story of creation is literal. Seems to me it isn't that important.
Now I know that folks believe that if you think creation didn't happen the way the bible says it did that you are throwing the whole thing up for grabs. I disagree. I think that the bible is true, but so much of it is incomprehensible to our minds and from our point of view that to make grandiose statements like that only serve to back us into a corner from which the only exit can be defeat or violent confrontation. Those don't seem like good options.

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