OK - Little introspection here. I think God is challenging me a bit and I thought I would throw it out there for your comments....brilliant comments only please.
So if you check out this clip from the 'glory channel.' you'll be at the place I was yesterday when someone showed this in church.

So immediatley I find a wierd sense of emotions. I guess I wasn't really cycnical as I really have no problem believing that God can do this - I guess when it comes down to it I probably don't want it to be true because it's wierd. And it doesn't make sense. There are people crying out to God all over the world that He would heal - that He would save, that He would protect. And a lot of those people remain sick, are not protected, die of all sorts of horrible inhumane symptoms, political ideologies and just plain evil. Yet - in Puerto Rico, God seems to be dumping out gems and oil. In some ways it kind of makes me want to say....'God - I think you have your priorities mixed up...."

Now i know these people aren't asking for Gems or oil. They just want God and God seems to be doing wierd things.....certainly if it isn't God it is one heck of an elaborate hoax. That would be pretty hard to continue with. Not to mention messy! So - assuming it is God. What the heck. if it isn't God it is just a garden variety publicity stunt - but supposing it is God. Now that is interesting. Because if it is God I have to figure out why I am against it - why am I opposing God.

It seems that Jones thinks he knows better than God. It seems that I think I know how and when and where God should do things and how wierd they should be. I just read in my devotional today about Judas getting mad that Mary had poured out the Nard on Jesus feet. I wonder....would I have been Judas?

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