So - we are getting ready to launch our prayer room in the village. Pretty exciting. We don't have a huge community here - but we are feeling that to just get the prayer room space is important - so we are getting a room above the bank which looks out over this little village we get to help build. So as John and Liz - the developers and our friends here, are on their way home to hang out with us and talk about the best way to launch 24-7 here in the village - a red moon rises over Niagara on the Lake - how cool is that. If that doesn't mean anything to you....check out Pete's book red moon rising.
So we begin. We are going to gather a bunch of local folks to have dinner every week and work through Pete's book and then see where the Lord takes it. We're excited and looking forward to where God's going to take this. As we have been praying about being here in the VIllage - the constant sense we get from the Lord is that we are here to pray.....neat.

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