So every Tuesday I play basketball in Brookville with my brother, cousin and some friends. It is great - and weird. Let me explain - this picture above (i didn't take or put the horrific writing on!) is my public school where i went for 9 years of my school career, and it is there in the gym i first danced in that I play basketball every Tuesday! I go into the change room and still feel the cool kid is going to yell obscenities at me as he did when I was a kid - or that I am going to be embarrased about my weight or something. I was not cool in elementary school, i got beat up a lot...but i like that school for some reason...don't know why, nothing really ever happened to make me like it. Catherine also went to school there, in fact I first asked her to go out with me when she was in grade 6!
Walking around the halls is amazing, I feel 11 again, nervous, small, geeky, niave, wishing to God I could just disappear. Not really sure why. I wish i had paid more attention to growing up, because now I am interested. Why didn't I fit in. Did things happen that made me stand out? At any rate, I am about 3 times heavier now and the gym that I graduated in seems a lot smaller then it did then!

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