Just had some 24-7 types from New Zealand drop by - Heather and Candice are checking out our country and dropped by Niagara on the lake! I took them to the pie plate - which if you are ever here you need to make me take you too. Incredible spot.

It got me thinking again about 24-7 and networks. I love the thought of a vast underground army or peace and kindness that are completely invisible except for the individual relationships they represent - the community of life so speak under the ground - and yet - where there are roots there is fruit and visible trees. I have always been impacted by the stories I hear of the Chinese church. Particularily historically speaking the Chinese church was illegal and yet anecdotal information tells us that it was the fastest growing church build completely in relationship and underground community. Fastest growing though....that seems like fruit even underground...maybe like a potato or yam.


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