One of the things that I try and listen to while I am working is the Harvard Business Review Podcast. The January 18th version talks about the tests that a leader faces and it is really interesting. One of the topics focuses on the fact that most bosses assume that they are the boss. This is often untrue as people follow by consent and authority is not given by a title but rather by relationship. Pretty interesting from a Christian perspective given that often the ?senior pastor? assumes that they are in control without working on community relationships with their community. It also starts an interesting discussion around authority, and who has authority.

It is interesting to me that it appears that authority is almost a natural gift. People either have it or don?t. I suppose one can grow in how they carry themselves and how they exercise authority but ultimately authority is given not taken and some people just have it. I guess one could argue that it is possible to take authority through violence, but then that would be less authority and more control.

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