So ? busy, crazy busy.
Owning and running a small business is so hard. Props to everyone out there who does it. It take an incredible amount of time, energy, money and it makes the rest of your life a bit of a blur.
I have been overwhelmed lately with work. We had a visit from the Ministry of Labour on Friday and of course they were stressed out that the site wasn?t inspected etc? We need a new toilet?.I know, weird. None of us were complaining. We needed protocol sheets, training in fall arrest, blah, blah. I am a pretty safe guy and our workers work safely. But this is taking it to the extreme. Not to mention all the added time of railings and guards and training and my time to sort it all out. We don?t have the luxury of having a health and safety person?.that?s me, as well as accountant, engineer, foreman, you name it. In fact I am a little tired of it all.
Despite that the project is going along well as you can see from the pictures below.
Money is tighter than you would think on a job like this?.probably because I am so swamped that we are going slower than we should be.

In the midst of all this. I am really feeling drawn to ministry, speaking and community ? all the things that I love doing. So going through that weird discontent stage again and trying to discern what is discontent and what is God telling me to do something different. I never know the difference, and frankly don?t trust myself often to know the difference.

How do you know what is you and what is the Lord. Hard eh. Often I use the theory that I can trust what my heart desires, but that leaves me with two problems. Often I don?t know and then if I do know it is often deceptive. For example. I am so overworked right now I want to just stay home with my family and hang out for a few weeks. Does that sound like a bad desire, Godly desire?.is it possible?.not likely!

Then add to the mix a trip to Vancouver for 24-7 meetings and you have a bit of a stressed out Jones, who is typing this long blog entry while he waits to spend scads of that hard earned money on his truck which needs all sorts of repair work? quickly Lord.

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