1. There has been a lot of discussion circulating over the past few years in the circles that I move in, much of it I have been in agreement with and even promoting - the topic being 'happy clappy, Jesus is my boyfriend type worship songs.' Now the point is that we have lost some of the reality of our walk of faith in this fallen world, and our understanding of a Holy almighty God is perhaps tempered and the truth lost as we make Jesus a kind of pet that we have. HOWEVER, intimacy with God is non-negotiable, He calls us His friends, He invites us to love Him as the Father loves Him. It is an imperative. Secondly, faith in the face of shite, is a constant testimony of our trust in Him. Now before you have a conniption, I am not talking about fake plastic smiles which ignore our life and the lives of thousands yes even millions dying and hurting in the world - this is not cheap happy clappy. This is deep faith exhibiting itself in a stance, which in the face of circumstances looks illogical and ridiculous. No. 1 rant.

2. The current ecological challenge regarding SUV's. Now I am a selfish person, no question. However, I do think fairly critically about the choices that we make as a family and I am aware and educated about many environmental issues. I also drive a huge SUV. I have to. It tows my work trailer and fits my 5 kids. So let's change our terminology and talk about driving vehicles that are unnecessary. Perhaps that might engender a gentler response from critics as well. No. 2 rant.

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