So! New look thanks to Scott! As a side note - check out his site here hunt images as it is worth a gander. At any rate - scott has helped me end my weeks of misery by getting my blog where I want it. I am a wierd guy - once i get something in my mind I hate doing anything less than I got it in my mind that I wanted my blog on my own web space and that I wanted to control it - not blogger or tyeppad. Now I know that limits you in certain respects - however, it also is a gateway to whatever you want - as long as you can learn you can make it happen.

At any rate I am now set up - look is almost there - I will continue to play but I at this point I am content!

Thanks Scott.

In other news - my little Caed has new glasses. She looks so grown up I can't believe it - caedmons new glasses
We feel so sad that the poor girl can hardly see out of one eye! No wonder she used to squint!

And lastly - if you aren't in Southern Ontario - this is what we've been shoveling this past week - not bad! yah Canadian winter boy!

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