Couple of new links on the blog roll - a good friend Annie has been blogging for a little while but I hadn't found it until recently. Annie is a thinker, and a reader, fun blog for sure. I have also added a link to a blog run by the Spectator's Bill Dunphy. The blog says he is the poverty beat reporter - kind of wierd title.....
At any rate most of this stuff is about a neighbourhood that the FRWY is in and working with. In fact, nod to Pernell and CML for the link and I was also able to find this map of Beasley through the CML blog.
Cultivate Missional Living [CML] is going to be a fantastic program - I would REALLY encourage you to read about it - check out the FRWY and the people and pray about your involvement in it (whoever YOU are!)
I'm putting a low res image of the map up here - but go check out the full resolution one courtesy of the spectator here.

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