A friend of mine was reading this book by Steven Lawhead ? Hood.
Looks really good ? he got me to read the notes at the end of the book on why Steven placed Hood in Wales. I love Wales ? my dad was born and raised there and I have been there 4 times and love it. Not sure if it is just sentimental ? but I would move there in a second. I love it. At any rate ? check out this quote that Steven dug up.

In AD 1100, Gerald of Wales, a highborn nobleman whose mother was a Welsh princess, wrote of his people: ?The Welsh are extreme in all they do, so that if you never meet anyone worse than a bad Welshman, you will never meet anyone better than a good one.? He went on to describe them as extremely hardy, extremely generous, and extremely witty. They were also, he cautioned, extremely treacherous, extremely vengeful and extremely greedy for land. ?Above all,? he writes, ?they are passionately devoted to liberty, and almost excessively warlike.?

Not sure what I think about the warlike ? I find myself mostly a pacifist these days! But I love the ?passionately devoted to liberty!? Interesting ? I started a non-profit called ?freedom generation? and so many of my talks these days focus on this statement, ?Jesus didn?t die so you could be good, He died so you could be free.? Humor me on the theological fact that He died and made us good ? this mostly starts great discussions.

I flip to the front of the book and he dedicates the book to the Schloss Mittersill community in Austria ? where I have stayed! Crazy ? I think I will read this book.

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