Well we hit the half way mark and we?ve only posted twice ? which means two things?.

1. It is so hot here that my forearms stick to the desk everytime I try and write something?.which means I don?t want to write anything.
2. We are really busy!

I figured I?d post some pictures though and keep you updated even a bit ? so I am braving the sweaty forearms for this post!

After our last post we had Kevin visit us from the West Coast ? Kevin is my oldest friend, I think I?ve known him since we were about 1 ? so that?s a time!

We had a bit of a slow week that week as there was no team here ? so we moved all the machinery from a wood working shop in the Village of Acension to a new shop in Paradise. This is really exciting ? in fact it is one of the projects I?m most excited about here. The shop in Paradise will be used as a vocational training school along with two other buildings which are being constructed right now. The two new buildings will be for sewing and hair/ salon. Very cool. Cool because my mind is spinning with thoughts on how good development should break the cycle of poverty not just make it more palatable. So one of my responsibilities is to try and set the wood shop up before we leave and get it sorted out. As part of that chore I will be working with a new friend. Not sure how to spell this name, but Biavince is a Haitian who has been working with the Foundation for about 6 years I believe. Great guy. I?m really excited about this project.

Once the shop is set up I?m going to be sourcing donations from friends and co-workers in Canada to set it up with items that it is missing ? currently I can already tell that we need the following ?

1. compressor ? nail guns, staplers etc?
2. 24? disc sander
3. Lathe
4. Several cordless drills
5. Routers

That?s what I know so far but I?ll do a more complete list as we get things in place. This will be not only a vocational school for wood working, furniture etc?but also for construction etc? Really excited about it (did I say that?)

Here is a picture of the shop just before it was painted by a Mission Direct team from Brixton in the UK ?

Then on Wednesday we went with John for an epic bike ride on the island ? We rode halfway to Santiago and stopped on the top of a mountain range at La Cumbre and ate lunch ? we then headed home because I had managed to get the front tire of my dirt bike caught in a hole and had cut my knee?.pretty badly it turned out ? right to the bone! So I road the rest of the day, went to the clinic and they informed me I need surgery to cut the flesh back to a healthy spot and then sew it together?oh and that at some point in the past I had broken the top of my tibia bone (didn?t know that?!) So?the next day ? general anesthetic, and new skin all sewed up on my knee?and I?ve been hobbling around for a week now. Not sure if you want to see the before pictures?so I?ve posted the pics with it sewn up! Jiah and Caleb rented scooters too (150CC!) and did great, 8 hours of riding on streets, crazy traffic and only once did I think I was watching my son crash to his death! They did awesome!

This week we have Derek and Lindsay here (Derek is Kevin?s brother?and I?ve known him since he was born?so this has been sweet reunion too!) We?ve also had Marilyn from our church in St.Catharines here. It has been a great week so far ? really hot which is taking it out of us ? but lots going on.
We have a team from England here this week and next. They?ve painted the entire vocational school in Paradise and then today we moved up to Esperanza where we are working on 4 specific houses that they have sponsored and two other houses, one that we have sponsored through our fundraiser and another through Lindsay?s public school! Really neat! It has been hard to keep the teams working in this heat though ? no question, hard to keep me working too! We?ve been just working the mornings and then heading out to get stuff set up for the next day etc? We?re getting the juice program set up for the team tomorrow too ? so lots of fun.

It is going to be very hard to leave here. Very hard.

Vocational School

La Cumbre



Our group!

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