"think man, think!"

I often end up saying this to myself when I am working on something, be it building or management or even teaching.
There is a quote from Mien Kampf that says, "what luck for leaders, that men do not think." Wow.

I find I often just do life, not really thinking. In building, and in management, systems and procedure creation, strategic thinking, often a decision made many months or even years ago creates a situation or potential problem down stream. Many times it is impossible to plan for these issues, but sometimes making sure they don't occur is as easy as 'thinking.'

This video about the creation of quick housing for the Haitian needs post earthquake reminds me to 'think.'
Duany is a bit of a hero around here, because it was him and his firm that design "the Village" where I have worked as Site Supervisor and Project Manager for almost 4 years.

Rebuilding Haiti from Marvin Joseph on Vimeo.

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