We've been discussing as a 24-7 group the need for an apologetic around prayer. Kind of an answer on two levels to the question - "why is prayer important?" The two levels would be 1. theologically and philosophically and then 2. almost an opinion essay, the kind of thing you could say in an elevator with some well thought out ideas but that are formed and argued more intentionally and forcefully in level 1.

So yesterday in the Second Cup next to Lee's Palace on Bloor - I wrote this. It is rough - it is intentionally direct and will be the basis on which I keep working on the need for us to understand prayer with a new paradigm.

Why prayer is worth your money, why prayer will help kids in Africa overcome poverty and be freed from the HIV epidemic. Why prayer is the answer to the crime in your cities and why giving your resources to mobilise, resource, and encourage prayer will change the world.

It's simple, we need Jesus to change the world. Without Him we can do nothing. All the good in this world is as a result of Him. All the mosquito nets that are distributed to combat malaria are because Jesus is good and does good things.

People operate as agents of their own will; when that will is submitted to the goodness of Jesus, people are different and when people are different that choose to act as willing agents of Jesus' will and the world is changed.
Our world needs more people to give time to healing the nations, to loving their local grocery store clerk, and the homeless man on the street and the single mom at the end of aisle 3. Coercion to do the 'good thing' doesn't really work. So we pray. We pray that God would move in their lives, but, almost as if hedging His bet, God changes us as we pray so we are more available to be the change we desperately want to see. If we desire to see ourselves and our neighbours more aware of the need around us, we must pray because that prayer makes us available and then we operate out of God's goodness.

This thought process is why prayer is critical to changing the world and why resourcing, educating, and participating in prayer will actually cause more engagement with the need our societies face and why it introduces exponential response that is simply not available if we begin without it.


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