Wow...I have 5 minutes to post this or drop the ball on day 2 of my attempt at learning self discipline. I guess it proves the point that I need to learn!

Slept in today - so missed my early morning. Catherine and I went to her work staff party until far too late at night for a Monday. Far too late indeed. 7AM came much earlier than I remember it coming.

Then I had to drive to Toronto and back - 4hrs driving. Construction staff meeting, and then on the way home I met up with my brother - in law and our good friend. Good chats.
We went to the London tap house in Hamilton - roof top patio. Man, I love that city.

It struck me as we were talking about financials and deals and agreements that we are learning. We are learning who we are, learning what kind of people we want to be, how we want to handle ourselves in certain situations and circumstances.

More tomorrow...count on it.

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