I don't like the idea of scrapbooking...seems kinda girly...but I think I should scrapbook.

I would have one for all the things that I like in a house so that when I get to build my cottage I can put it all together and not forget it, then I'd have one for all the business ideas that I have -not really ideas for new business, rather, how business should be run and corporate psychology.

Today I would have scrapbooked a shirt I saw at breakfast -

"you know you are making progress when the mistakes you are making are new ones"

What a great thought. I've been thinking how common it is for mistakes to be stigmatized. I know mistakes can be costly - so you don't want to make the same ones over and over..but new mistakes...now we're learning!

Someone reminded me that Edison once said, "Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something." Nice. I'd scrapbook that too.

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