hey everyone!

* i love it how when you walk in the doors of the Gym, everyone greets you
* I love it how you can totally be yourself in the serivce
* i love how we share with everyone...reach UP...Reach OUT!
* i love it how RFL, organizes girls week, and boys week, and people from RFL youth, invite people, most of us dont even know
*I love it when Suz, and the gurls organize girls night..ex.this saturday night..( Dianes house)
* I love it how, pressure is not an option at RFL.
* I love how its so easy to make friends.
* i love it when Chris uses Humor in his sermons.
* I love it how, the Jones kids help lead worship!
* I love the trust that you are able to share, with Rfl'rs.

And last but certainly not least:

* I love everything aboutc St.G's and RFL!

I would'nt change anything, or anyone!
GOD bless ya 'll
From: BECS biggrin.gif
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Posted: Jun 11 2003, 02:02 PM

giant condor

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I love all you guys so much! You guys have said so much already, but I?ll agree with some of yours and add a few of my own.

I love Jones playing with Cade
I love singing songs to Jesus with my brothers and sisters
I love Dan sliding around with baskets on his elbows
I love Matty playing mandy and jim
I love seeing so many people leading worship
I love when Jones plays 3/4 songs in 4/4
I love when Scott freaks out on drums
I love victory cries
I love Rachel singing
I love Laurie dancing
I love Rod flying
I love Care?s tender spirit
I love listening to peepers
I love Foster?s hands
I love Jess?s smile
I love Henderson?s laugh
I love seeing my bothers and sisters loving Jesus more and more
I love seeing shooting stars
I love friendship handshakes
I love Johnny Jones playing manute
I love Johnny Christink shooting 3s
I love fishing with Matty j
I love doing nothing with masters
I love seeing friends being baptised at Hilton Falls
I love worshipping our Father at the gazebo
I love watching my friends growing in their gifts
I love Bieser?s hair and smile
I love Tak skating
I love Annie posting
I love Seto?s ever-present smile
I love Leah?s award-winning head (sorry smallver, I couldn?t resist)
I love vespers
I love dreaming of rafting down rivers
I love fishing and praying at the Loopstras
I love waiting in lord of the rings lines
I love leaky tents
I love punkhooks, walloppers, nutcrackers, tridents, orbs, rod rolls, gizzard nudges, prince of peaces, stick balls, hurry-up boots, dynapowers, head rams, boot rushes, footer-double-wallies, william flatner, dr. strainlove, big wooden spoons, crotch-busters, sventa crovas, and new world records.
I love prophecies
I love night hikes
I love people getting stuck in trees
I love running around in the rain at night
I love people writing new songs to Jesus
I love knowing that though each of us were born into different families, we all have the same Father
I love watching the Jones kids grow up
I love knowing that even though we will all be eventually separated on Earth, we will all spend eternity together with our Father, in a place where there will be no more pain and no more suffering, only love and peace and unquenchable joy forever, in His glorious presence.

Thank you Lord! I know all good things come from You and that all of these things that we?ve written have happened and are true because of You! You are the reason that RFL is, and You are the thing I love most!

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Posted: Jun 14 2003, 08:05 PM

field mouse

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I love coming home, reading messages like this and still feeling like i'm part of the family.
knowing that even though i've missed a lot, i'm so excited because there is so much to come!
Knowing that there was someone praying for me while i was away!
how generous rfl is!
being excited for yet another Jones to be born!!
all of the jonses!!!
bry's voice
all the new people(well new to me)
setos' smile
how my sisters now have nicknames and not just me!!!
and there are many many more, but i'm off to girls night!! i love all of you sooo much and i'm so happy that i'm back! I'TS GOOD TO BE BACK

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Posted: Jun 18 2003, 03:32 PM

arctic fox

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* Love beezers hair too!
* love Marks Shoes ######
* Love dan Tak's Car
* Love Coleens loving heart
* Love it when Suzie and matt play in the worship team together
* Love it how Charlie masters teaches downstairs as well.
* love garths greeting ways
* love scotts creative skills
* love brian's voice. your my hero.
* Love margaret hunts beautiful annoucements!
* Love mrs.Culvers huggable arms.
* Love leahs smile
* love Alexandra's singing, in Worship
* love emily's sense a style
* love darrens posts.
* Love hilarys warm colourful sweater...Perty..
* I Love everything about Donna rigo
* OH and that amazing Blue van...
* Love jon jones funny comments he makes.
* Lovin Elizabeths laugh
* jennys hair
* love watching Catherine and Chris, give there Children hugs!
* Love how the jones kids sing in Worship
* Love the way brienen prays.
* Love how chili always opens Up...well sometimes.
* Love when Jonny C. dances sweet when he worships. he teaches we some moves.
* Love how sarah always knows if somethings bothering me
* love how dan cummings is one of the only ones who can joke around with me.
* Love how dan also plays the Guitar
* Love how carolyn is tall! and jsut loves jesus so much...its an advantage to reach up High to him.
* Love rachels Voice
* Love it how Matt Jones is a freak for nature...freak in a Good way.
* love how laurie is going to look so adorable in maternity clothes..
* I love Allanahs sweet Style
* Love how henderson...or is it Benderson has a knick name for me " lil christink"

Now seriously look at the length of all of the lists obove...seeing it, who would'nt wanna go to st.georges...seriosly RFL ROOCKs....and so does jesus

Love ya guys lots

Forever & Ever
BECC rolleyes.gif
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Posted: Jun 18 2003, 04:30 PM

arctic fox

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P.S---- forget to mention that
* i Love how luke is always out there talking to people, and so hyper...
* and the thing about mark i meant to say Shoe ######....it did'nt work for some reason
* Love ya RFL!!! biggrin.gif
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Posted: Jun 18 2003, 10:40 PM


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I saved my post before i posted it too, so I'm going to repost it. Here it is

I love...

Seeing Pigo jump so high during worship
Whenever Johnny or Seto walk into a room, it always makes me happier
How excited Matty J. gets about everything
How Laurie is always smiling, and can't keep a straight face when she's being sarcastic
Scott?s grooves
Bod?s jokes (I don?t always like the jokes, but I like it when Bod tells them) and his obedience to the Lord
How Mulver pretends to be upset when we call her Mulver
How Smallver pretends to be upset when we call her Smallver
When any of the Culver or Richards sisters sing
The way Rach and Care are so close and the way they both worship
That Heather gave me a Christmas card when I barely knew her. I thought that was so cool
Foster?s excitement
Talking with Tak about anything and seeing the Tak smile
The things that happen to Jones? voice when he gets excited
When we get to hang out with Cate
Doing friendship handshakes with Bry (they may seem like a joke, but I feel they really do mean something)
Whenever Sarah or Bec make a post on the website to tell us something awesome or just to say hi
How Masters plays his heart out in hockey (my dad loves this too) and tells jokes
How Colleen is so cool and comes out on Thursdays
Hugging Garth and Margaret
Seeing Charlie and Judy
Singing along to worship CDs in the car with Alannah
Ben Case?s reach reports and artichokes
When Johnny Jones plays games with us

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Brittany Russell
Posted: Aug 3 2003, 09:18 PM

common hamster

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biggrin.gif Hey Everyone;
I love coming onto this site and seeing how much everyone loves one another. That post you made Darren was absolutley amazing! When I read it I was so happy, my entire face lit up with a smile. There are things that I love about church too that I'd like to add.
*I love Darren...and the way he makes everyone laugh and feel so welcome
*I love being welcomed
*I love being hugged by Leah
*I love being caught up by Lacey and Tanya
*I love that Tanya, Allahnah and Emma are all so helpful to get me deeper notes when I'm not able to come.
*Thanks everyone for making me and my brother feel welcome...that's what we love about deeper
Love Brittany R biggrin.gif
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Posted: Jan 31 2004, 02:37 PM

field mouse

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hey! i haven't posted anything before so i thought this topic would be a good one to start on!

-i love how emma has the coolest socks
-i love how leah lead worship at girl's nite
- i love seeing noah dance his heart out during worship-
- i love watching bry bob his head when he plays bass
-i love how bec comes in on Sunday morning and says in her cute voice 'Hi Julie!'
-i love how Jenny always does harmony
- i love how Liz hates people touching her hair but lets them anyways
- i love how our Connect group goes silent then Jon Jones pipes up and says something that makes us laugh!
- i love when new people come to deeper and everyone makes them feel welcome
-i love when chris gets so into his topic that his voice goes out of range
- i love it when rachel comes home
-i love it when when we hear about engagements!
- i love it how we are such an awesome church and that we grow together each and every day more in God's incredible love.

jewels biggrin.gif
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Posted: Mar 28 2005, 04:37 PM


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hello everyone
i was just looking back at this post and i thought all the things said we so true and amazing. they really brightened up my day and made me want to cry with happyness. i love all of you guys a lot.


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