I was looking through some old files on my computer this morning and found this....man.

This was started by one of the young people in the youth group we helped lead at St.Georges...this brought back some good memories.
Keep it up guys - love Jesus, Love people - reach up reach out!


I've come to realize that reach for the light youth ministries does not only take place at the building where St Georges church gathers. It takes place at a job, a school, at Tim Horton?s.
With this realization I've also realized I love RFL, the people, the community, the felling, the vibe, the focus. I came up with a technically brief list of the things I love at and about RFL. I would love for people to reply and add on to this list of things we love about RFL whether its 7 things of 70 time seven things. Here we go:
I love...
the way Sarah enters into worship
the way Bren asks questions
the way Henderson magically says hello in a different way every time
the way Jonny C is always friendly to everyone
the way you can tune out everything else and worship to the pulsing of Bryans bass
the way you can tune out everything else and worship to the beats of Scott's drums
the way Carolyn always says hello
how I can see god working through Jones
the way Luke D resolves problems
marks reach reports
the way Dan is carefree
the way Leah corrects me
fosters realistic friendliness
The way colleen is always cool with stuff
the myriad of perpetually hidden adjective matt masters so casually uses
the way Matty j loves animals
heathers smile and lifestyle
the way Seto is not shy
Shayne's odd philosophies that make sense in my mind
the intimacy of Lacey's reports
the way rod leads worship
the way Chilton always listens to the word
Matty j playing any instrument
Beezer's hair
the way Dan is so good
Matt Russell?s face when he?s interested
how friendly Brittany is
how Tanya thinks of me as her brother
the way Brendan ensures he can hitch a ride to deeper
the repetitive beats on rflweb
the sweet 'naturallity' of Jones
both the Henderson kids style
Jerry's warm handshake
Alex's honesty in the posts
The warmth Charlie masters brings with him
the way Bryan always replies to posts with brief encouragement
the spontaneous painful influential spiritual hilarious things that happen
the way Garth is like a close friend
the sweet smell in the hunts house
Anna dancing
Suzie dancing and leading
the freedom
Sherman attempting to make a CRISIS sale
Bryan's ingenious polls
Brian playing bass
rfl at mdhs
the nicknames given out
trivial pursuit
the way I don?t know Annie but I do
Jones forgetting to do announcements and offering because he loves worshipping
how far Garth has walked the path and the stories he tells
Jones' stories and metaphors
Boy?s week
Girl?s week
fifth wheel big breakfast
Jones finishing late
the skate park in the drive
the photography
the way colleen teaches
Mr. Ts style
the tussles you get into with the Jones kids
the way the whole Jones family loves Jesus
the way grinning Connor runs up to you
the way grant and patty watch over Connor
Ian Jones being a principal
the pride Noah takes in his performance
Noah and Nathan?s musical joy
the way Sarah is obedient
the way matt masters is frequently thinking
the way Jones said 'this'll be a quick point' and 'I'm really going off on a side note' and . short eventually turns into 45 minutes
the bonding love in the families in the church
the usefulness of rflweb
Jonah, Jackson and river you say?
Mr. Neeb the electrician
the friendship between my mom and Naomi Neeb
the way John Jones never stops
when Scott goes out on a limb
Mr. and Mrs. Sobrinho
Dianne's honesty
the list goes on
please add on to the list of things we love

How do I turn this on.


Wow! If I can see through my tears I will attempt to keep up the incredible start that Rigo has begun....
I love it about RFL-
+ when Pigo posts incredible messages
+ when the penny drops
+ when Derek takes blankets to the homeless (and ticks of his mom)
+ when Alexandra leads worship
+ when Suzie plays guitar
+ when Bry takes awesome pictures
+ when Catherine looks so beautiful (sorry, don't know how that got in here)
+ when Chris and Rachel do connect
+ when Foster 'rocher sur mon frere"
+ when Diane dances
+ when Rod prophecies
+ when tak skates
+ when Brienen prays
+ when Scott grooves
+ when someone gets it
+ when youth come up with their own ideas of what God is doing
+ when people come to know Him
+ when we grow as disciples
+ when people eat my food
+ when Ben works the PowerPoint
+ when Erin sings
+ when Trish comes home
+ when Bren thinks I'm an idiot
+ when Dan's late
+ when you forgive me
+ when we stay up to late at Crossover
+ when we argue about things that don't matter
+ when we speed
+ when we go the speed limit
+ when we get free
+ when someone asks something that I have just said
+ when God shows up and I didn't expect it
+ when we yell
+ when we sing acapella
+ when we do 24-7 prayer
+ new songs
+ Freedom Generation
+ when people come to ask what I'm doing to have such an awesome youth group and I have nothing to say! It's God man, and what He's started, He will continue until it's finished, complete, perfect, done and never to be undone! He loves you so much, He loves me so much, I love you so much and I am learning to love Him and you more!
You show me God's grace so much, you show me His love, and I am humbled to work with you and to serve you - it is such an awesome privilege to walk this road with you and to see Him change us, to mould us and to multiply us.
C'MON - raise the victory cry - He lives and reigns! The BRIGHT MORNING STAR!



Well, I don't even know what to say after such a post, except maybe this:
Do you know what I love?
When Darren leaves sweet ass posts like this.
Man alive.
I'm speechless...
Darren, you rock.


Ha ha, So Good.
I love this and a whole lot of other things too...
I love when we can so freely talk about God and boast about how awesome he is,
when I see people growing and making godly decisions.
I love it when people submit to the Lord and do what he is saying to them.
I love it when we can tell each other our struggles and know that we have brothers and sisters to back us up in those struggles
I love praying for people.
I love getting prayed for
I love when God knows all we've done and yet pours out so much love and blessings on us, that we don't know what to say or do.
I love it when I see the guys skateboarding and loving their friend while doing it.
when God works out our finances. (and he will Annie, no worries)
I love it when we go on prayer hikes or even just hikes.
It makes me cry when Chris Jones is leading worship and he is sweating or crying, or both.
I am in awe when I hear about all these awesome reach up and out reports that God has been bringing about to us.
I love seeing Catherine get a big pregnant tummy
and soon Laurie too.
I love Tim Hortons after deeper.
and how Rachel just belts it out in worship
I love how Suzie raises her hands, there is something so beautiful in that.
I love how Matt M and Henderson play hockey and try to love people while they do it.
I love watching Judy and Charlie, and Matt and Laurie, and Chris and Catherine, and Garth and Margaret, and other Godly couples who walk consistently with the Lord.
I get so excited every time when Scott does this one particular thing on his drums.
I love it when I see God releasing people to pray with freedom, and when He calls back his children when they have wondered away.
I love having God talks with Heather and Lacey as we drive home.
I love when Caedmon runs up to Chris as he preaches
I love that Josiah is always laughing, and that Caleb is maturing more and more with the Lord, and that Anna loves to pray for people.
I love when Elizabeth smiles. It's so beautiful.
I love when Carolyn runs (like a gazelle)
I love when Matty J speaks what the Lord is saying.
and when people clap if they want to clap and dance if they want to dance
It moves me when I see brothers loving their sisters. (Matt and Suz, Henderson and Allannah, Elizabeth and John, Chris, Matty J and Jenny, Caleb and Caed... and more)
I love just hang'n out with you all, and I want so much more to know you and encourage you and be your sister.
I love it when I feel the Holy Spirit move through us.
Thanks Darren, way to go and lift up your family!!!!


Darren, what an absolutely fabulous post, and thanks you for causing us all to stop and think about what we appreciate in one another! It's SO EASY to take one another for granted!
As for me . . . .
I love our worship, no matter who's leading, especially when it's loud!!
I love it when Ceej gets so excited in his preaching that his voice gets so high it's almost out of the audible range!!
I love to turn around and just watch those at the back of the gym entering into worship
I love it when the presence of the Lord is so thick I just want to weep for joy
I love it when you guys come over to our house to pray, worship or just hang
I love hearing y'all talk about a ghosty conference you've just been at
I love the way we can flow together thru 3 generations without barriers or awkwardness
I love it when we always know it's Foster on the phone before we even answer
I love it when kids we haven't seen for months come walking thru the door!
I love it when we get out into the community doin' stuff like 3 on 3, or One Thing at MD, or delivering food to folks in Milton, or prayer walks, or the Christmas booth in the mall, or you guys worshipping at the Mill Pond.
I love it when the upstairs service runs longer than REACH!
I love the groove box during teaching
I love the "reach up, reach out" theme and how well you guys have responded
I love the Elevate services, especially when they're up in the candlelit sanctuary and it's dark outside
I love 24/7 prayer and All Night prayer, and just about any other kind of prayer!
I love that we're learning how to bring worship and prayer together
I love it when Caleb or Jiah climb up on my lap during a service
I love it when we share communion together, especially the last night of Boys Week!
I love it when Noah dances while doing the PowerPoint slides
I love getting hugs from everyone
Whew! Well, I'm sure there's more but I gotta go to the bank for Beckett.


I love...
Noah?s carefree dancing
the way Garth looks around to see us worshipping
when people with gray hairs jump for joy
the live different challenges

How do I turn this on.


I love that when I walk into a room full of you guys I feel like I've come home after a long and tiring trip. You know, you walk into the house and you just collapse and feel more relaxed then you ever were during the entire trip.
I'm still working on going wireless, wouldn't that be cool?
"Gravity is a harsh mistress"


I love the simple fact that no one cares about what your wearing, or how ridiculous your hair looks, but they care so much about you, just you. No dumb stereotyping, no "man, who does that kid think he is, he looks like a jackass (penguin of course)" ......its just pure love, no strings attached.
ha, I don't know if anyone feels it but me, maybe I have fallen off my skateboard one too many times.....but that?s just what I get.

drown my words out lord

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