I live in Niagara on the Lake - Canada's prettiest town they say!

I recently moved my office from the back, of the building I am in, to the front. So now when I look out my office window I am looking across at the Jackson Triggs vineyards and Stratus vineyards and wineries.
Tough I know.

Actually far off in the distance I look directly at General Issac Brock on his tower of limestone looking out across the Niagara River. It was here during the war of 1812 that General Brock was killed during some fierce fighting that saw the American forces cross the river and attack Queenston Heights.

I look to my left down Niagara Stone Rd. where I often walk right past two historic sites, commemorating the African American presence here. Niagara on the Lake was the end of the underground railway and there are still houses where I'm told you can see hiding places and tunnels to the river!

It was also the seat of Canada's first government for a while and was an important village for native Canadians too.

What is interesting to me is that Queenston heights in particular and Niagara in general have been really important to me as a person. I remember as a child coming here to Queenston for picnics and loving that park with it's view of Canada spreading out before you as you stand below Brock. In fact, the night that Catherine and I found out we were pregnant with Caleb we went to a Kevin Prosch show in Toronto and then drove to the falls and Queenston to think and pray and wonder. Then we moved to the falls two years into our marriage. That was one of the hardest things we have done...and now we're back and my office window looks directly at Brock on his tower.

I wonder what you have in store Lord.....

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