So - i met a very cool person.

Rebekah - you would love her - apparently, her friends tell me that while she was at Yale, a professor there told her she had invented a new form of art! (as I understand it, it is kind of an artistic expression of chaos theory!) I need to hang out with her more. She spoke the morning session and it was fantastic, intense and very academic - but brilliant - and most importantly, it has caused me to pursue Jesus more.

So here are a couple of quotes from Linnea

"the view of the master plan may be beyond the horizon of our lifetimes"

"egotism is the same as fragmentation - essentially egotism = away from the family/isolation"

"imagination is inexorably linked to compassion" - This was great and i've been thinking on this a lot before she put it so succinctly, can I imagine the crack addicts addiction, the wealthy person's loneliness and need for friendship, the orphans cry for a father or how a child's feet feel without shoes? If I can then I can also feel compassion.

"we use knowledge to dominate not to serve." Matt Masters and I had a brief discussion about this at one point and how it had become a 'right' to profit. Many would argue that the primary role of the corporation is not to profit but to better the community. I would be one arguing that.

This one is a whopper - "work that is devoid of an ideal can only be motivated by bribery or consumer demand (greed)" Wow. Think on that one for a bit.

"what is deeply creative about being a Christian is that we imagine and build the Kingdom of God in the midst of a broken system.


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