So, back from a little break. In some ways I use my blog as a journal for myself - in other ways I use it as a book book marker for various sites or information i don't want to forget - then sometimes I use it to share a bit of my journey so that anyone who ends up finding it will be challenged or encouraged.

Yesterday on the plane to Minneapolis i read this -

Wow - my first response was to call Cate and say, "we've got to get growing food." Then as I reflected on that - I still believe we need to start growing food, but I realised that my FIRST inclination was to try and solve the problem myself!

Lord let me learn to turn to you with every need - the big global food shortage needs and the small little needs.

So as I learn that lesson, I hope to learn it on the end of a hoe, catching rain off my roof and growing some food. Practically it did make me think how hard core it would be to not just grow vegetables but to grow grains - then harvest and pound them into flour - that would be intense - I wonder....

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