?The problem is, even though the church is supposed to be a place for those that are searching, the searching don't feel welcome at church...?

So here is the question ? is this true? Now before you go freaking out on me ? I am totally trying to be a missional person?totally for and working towards connecting with culture ? being culturally present?.blah blah ? so my thoughts here are more just that..thoughts. I remember reading Brennan Manning where he comments that the early church was a hidden community. Their interaction then with unbelievers was at a relational, social level. They had to connect relationally in many places because to be prolific in their beliefs was to provoke the wrath of the authorities and risk death (which many of them did) However, the point is that a hidden community of faith forces people to share their belief in relational community and to actually care about people before ?inviting them? into a faith based meeting. You could see how the level of trust would have to increase too ? if you were inviting a potential spy into your Christian gathering ? the ramifications would be significant. Sometimes I think that we are trying to be too many things with our services. So we set our meetings up to agree with the above quote and everyone feels great ? but no one really is challenged, grows or changes. We are mostly just entertained.
Who knows ? maybe I even disagree with myself ? but it?s worth the discussion??
oh as an addedum - if church is for the those searching and the church is the people...then does it really matter what our meetings look like....if it is the people that are for those searching..?

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