We had a great weekend.
On friday we did a bit of a family pilgrimage to the catholic cathedral in Guelph and walked the stations of the cross. Really great. Not sure what it means to the kids - we certainly had some great conversations in the car on the way up and there was a real solemnity about walking those stations and thinking about Jesus sacrifice - it's just so removed from their reality. I remember feeling like that too as a kid and as parents we find ourselves praying that the Lord would make Himself real to our kids beyond the knowledge. I think that is my most repeated prayer for my kids.
Then on Friday night we headed next door for a worship time with our neighbours and some friends. Scott McLeod from Nashville was there.
Really neat guy.

He shared his story which is pretty intense and through the night there were a few tidbits that really stuck out that I wanted to share -

1. "The lord likes to hover over nothingness." This really got me thinking of the creative process and creativity in prayer and so often I want to have things scheduled and orchestrated but some of the most beautiful and intense times of connection and worship have come from being empty or having nothing. Reference, of course, to Genesis 1.

2. "you have to be willing to take the whole journey in order to see all the dots connected." As we wonder about our house for sale, jobs up in the air, etc.. this really struck me. I want to understand all the moves and leadings from the Lord now - and He wants me to trust Him that once the race is run, only then will all the dots connect and it will indeed be true that He works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose!

3. He talked a lot about city unity which was cool because that is the direction we have been feeling God leading us in 24-7 in Canada. Calling the church in the city to pray. This has been part of the dialogue we've been having with Jon Peterson too, a friend and the international director of 24-7 in Canada.

(Jon teaches and advises leaders all over the world. Raised in Japan, Jon planted a church in California at the crux of the Jesus movement which grew explosively. He and Mindy raised their children in Amsterdam as missionaries with YWAM and worked into Eastern Europe when Communism fell. Today he is the President of City Force, a ministry focused on rediscovering, reunifying, and rebuilding towards God's purposes for the cities of our world.)

So this was real close to home, and Scott put some of our discussions right out there and very succinctly stated some of the things we have been learning together -

"Until the leadership [of the church in the city] becomes friendship you won't see real unity in the city"

" When you see the spirit of Jonathan then things will change. The problem is all we want to be is David. So we need to see each other in the Spirit"

Certainly loads of stuff to digest there. Great stuff.

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