When i was in high school i had a job washing dishes. I didn't really like the job, in fact one time I went in with a neck brace on and my arm in a sling and lied my way out of two shifts on a long weekend.....I'm not saying i'm proud of the fact...it's just the fact.
So, i wasn't a real big fan, but there was a certain element of it that I really liked - I really liked figuring out more efficient ways to wash the dishes and return them to their place. Really liked it - and I was amazing at it. To this very day if I go into the Mohawk Inn, Alex the manager will say that I was the best dishwasher he has ever had. Nice.
I also liked the fact that I could lick the cheese cake batter...ahh to be in high school and be incredibly thin....

I was thinking about that today as I washed the dishes in my own house and I was thinking about my day.
I've made a couple of pretty sizable mistakes at work lately - well, mostly just letting little things slip instead of being ultra careful. My job is fairly stressful and if I loose focus really expensive mistakes can be made really quickly. The thing is, none of these mistakes would have been hard to make right, anyone could have done it really - in one case, I ordered the right brick, they shipped the wrong brick...I didn't check until it was too late. I don't usually do that...or rather, when I see it as a challenge I don't do it. I'm pretty on the ball. It's when I loose passion, or the sense of challenge that I start to slip.

That's what I was thinking about when i was washing the dishes, thinking back to the Mohawk Inn. It reminded me of Paul saying, "whatever you do, do unto the Lord." So...I'm trying to pick up my socks as it were. Do my best, everyday, day in, day out. Challenging or not...passion or not. Do it for the Lord...from the dishes to the brick and everything in between.

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