I'm sitting in starbucks with my honey - she's really gorgeous....I'll post a pic to prove it.

Guy and girl sitting next to us are involved in a real intense conversation about Jesus and church. It's not good. The dude, who is about 19 is going on and on about how all church goers are tools, real tools - so smiley and "we're so glad you're here, it's so amazing to meet you and have you in our church!" He is going on. For a long time. Not pretty.
So I'm looking for the opportunity to jump in without convincing him of his previous judgement on all church goers.... when it happens...
He says to this girl...."like do they even have sex?"

So I say...."oh yeah - lots of it, as much as possible in fact."

When they picked themselves off the floor we talked for a sec - she actually responded to my comment with, "right on."
We talked long enough for the girl to decide that she is still on the 'fence' and for me to apologise for all the tools out there.
Love it.

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