So this Sunday i get to head to Brantford to preach at Freedom House
You should come!
They are one of the coolest gatherings of church I have had the privilege to be a part of. I think one reason I love them is that they challenge me and they challenge themselves. They are totally relational, kind, re-thinking church types...but they want to grow - kind of like my friend Rob who always gets a bee in his bonnet when he hears all these emergent types talking about being small (i'm usually in the emergent types category) he kind of flips his lid and says "but we gotta grow!" I'm all for relationship, but we want more relationships!
Cool - that is always making me think about church and how I see it and I love people who make me think.

The other reason that I love Freedom House is that they love their city...really love it. OK - to be honest, I've worked in Brantford...this has got to be God! (i kid, i kid)'s kinda true - Brantford is on the low end of the list theses days for destinations. However, for Brian and Dave, and all of the church there - it is the City of God. I love that, I love that they say it and even more I love that they think it! C'MON!

Dave has also worked in tv and radio - so he is always making videos - mostly they are about some nonsense to do with conservative politics...but this one is really good. (i love you dave)

Check it out!

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