Something is stirring in me.

For a long time people have told me I'm an idealist -that I need to temper things that I say with pragmatism and with realism.
I've been chastised before for preaching on integrity and saying "integrity doesn't speed." The insinuation being, we get your point but maybe don't use too much hyperbole.
So for the last few years perhaps part of me has been shelved for a more pragmatic approach to things. Well...I don't think I can do it any longer.
I've been researching for the last little while human traffiking. I've made mention of it a few times on the blog and 24-7 in Canada has had some interesting connections sprouting up with anti traffiking movements, in particular in Montreal where people traffiked in the sex trade (i kind of like Michael Coren's take on the term sex trade - why do we legitimize it with that term?) is a growing concern. At any rate - I think I've reached the boiling over point.

Partly I'm boiling over because at the end of the day it is 'me' that I need to convince that this can be changed! It is myself that needs to make choices everyday with the things I buy. It is me who needs to find out if Tim Horton's coffee is fairly traded (it isn't) and it's me that needs to not buy it because of that reality. That's not idealism - that's integrity.
I need to choose to buy fairly traded chocolate that doesn't have the stain of child labour at unreasonable rates and unbearable conditions attached to its creation. It is me that needs to do that - and once I'm doing it - you need to do it too. We all need to do it.

If I hear one person say - "its not that easy"...I might have to pop them one! It is that easy. Just do it.

Check out this video. It gives a brief intro to the topic and then go searching the web. You'll find more than enough to challenge your pragmatic heart.

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