So - you will have heard me brag on my Dad before - but....I've got to do it again.
If you read my blog you will have seen that Dad was selected as one of Canada's top 30 principals this year! A feat in itself.
However, this really comes as no surprise to those of us who know him!

He is an exceptional man, and an exceptional educator. He has taught here at the Trillium school in Milton. He has taught in prisons, at a vocational school and at many typical high schools. Wherever he is he is constantly starting programs for at risk kids and kids that don't fit the mold, giving them opportunities to become everything they can be.

He is also an amazing speaker. In fact many of the things I have learned about oration I have learned from my Dad. His talks on change and leading change, lessons on leadership have all influenced my own development. He has taught for both U of T and York teaching the principals course there and was recently asked to teach a group of Japanese principals.

He has been in the news lately for his stand on these controversial boards.
He recently spoke at the Simon Wiesenthal Institute here in Toronto and has made an incredibly impact on the high school he leads now. You can read about it here and here - the section is page 6 on both pdf's.

So - there was no surprise when today it was announced that he was selected as Milton's citizen of the year. It should be noted here too that MIlton has been Canada's fastest growing city - so being a Principal in that environment can sometimes be a trick!

So here's to Dad - and I hope I can be even a little bit like him!

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