Led worship twice today - lots of fun and totally different experiences...
This morning we led worship at my Uncle's church - Hamilton Christian Fellowship. An hour or so (my wife says not quite an hour) worship, really loud, really fun and people totally involved and belting it out!
Then this evening we led at the FRWY Quieter, reflective - really cool reflection on lent by Mark and Pernell.
I think the thing that I felt the most about today was how exciting, challenging and fun it was to play with the band that I play with. I have been playing with these guys since we were little and you can tell. And by little - I mean little. The drummer, Scott, and I have been playing together sine he was probably 11 or so! His brother plays amazing bass (sorry about the blisters bry!) then my cousin who is the most amazing and talented guitarist I know, my cousin Gill who I grew up singing with - our voices just 'work' together. Then my younger 'twin' Foster joined us on djembe for the evening. Foster is a jazz musician at MacMaster and can play anything, so having him join us is always a treat.
These guys know my every move, what it means when i stamp my foot, move my head, swing the guitar - amazing and so refreshing to pay with them. I'd really like to do it more.

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