So I found an old friend, really old friend. We grew up together.
He was 5 years older than I was, and here is how our after school went almost everyday....

we would play hide and seek, i would get in a fight with his sister - who was my age, then his younger brother would punch me, then I would punch him, then my older friend would wallop me. Sometimes, he would let me play with him while he made lego creations, the deal was that he could take anything I was using at any time....ahhhh being kids.

So, I found the church website he works at in Australia, and listened to a sermon. It was great.
It was on the sermon on the mount and 'meekness.'
The line that struck me was this, "one way of analyzing our response to the sermon on the mount is to decide when we would have left the mountain - when would we have said, 'this is too much.'" Great question.

Marc Rader ladies and gentlemen - check him out here -

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