So we had a fantastic time as a team in Vancouver. This is a REALLY good team.
I am honoured to be a part of this team.

We sometimes need a kick in the pants to do what we really want to do....but the gifting and passion amongst our team is incredible and so diverse - which is so 24-7 and SO Canada.

Example - I say, "hey guys, have you had any sense about the Olympics in 2010? Should we be doing anything, what's God saying?" To which I get these responses.....

1. Some of our team who are very educated in how the olympics are affecting the oppressed and disadvantaged in Vancouver are hoping to be a part of a protest that will likely have them arrested....
2. Another member of our team is hoping to shut down Hastings street for a poverty olympics and have a soccer game at main and hastings!
3. Still another member of our team with a passion for the club scene and the night time scene wants to head to the village and party and pray with the revelers in Whistler!

Wow - so yes we need discernment....but we need all of those passionate responses to our culture.

So here is a few pictures of our team at a garden on Hastings that a few groups have helped put together, an oasis in the midst of so much evil...a prayer in garden form. (Andy...there are a lot less needles and condoms than when you were here last apparently!)
24-7 team
24-7 canada team

We also accomplished a lot! We really worked hard at getting stuff done and there was a real grace for that which was awesome.
We also followed the 614 Boiler Room's current rhythm of praying through the Psalms three times a day - fantastic way to re-focus. It was great.

More to follow - but we have some great progress on regional teams and some ideas about how we are going to tackle that in the next three weeks! So stand by.....!

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