Saw this on my feed reader this morning and I must admit that I am frustrated ? we need a new language. Please someone call me on this if I am missing something ? but here is my frustration ? the guy reports?

"I wouldn't call it fate: I believe there's a God that created me and looks after me," Neudorf, 45, told CBC News on Thursday.
"And whatever methods He uses ? if it's a weird incident like a cross-check in the face to get me down here to get my head checked ? well, that's probably a good thing."

Now what is my issue you ask? Just this, is it true that God cares about this guys brain tumor? Absolutely, no question. The conclusion that this terminology or vocabulary suggests, however, is obvious, all the people that die of undiagnosed brain tumors are not looked after by God. Which is surely not the case. So we are faced with a conundrum a God who cares but allows suffering for a time. My concern over our vocabulary is not an attempt to lead us towards the philosophical discourse regarding a good God who allows suffering but rather to talk about trust. If we present God in the same vocabulary as Mr. neudorf we have the problem that if God doesn?t allow all tumors to be diagnosed he is untrustworthy. Which is precisely not the case. He is trustworthy to do a) what He said He would do and b) what is ultimately good.

I think I better think on this more ? but it is a major concern for me because I have worked with so many young people who believe God is untrustworthy because what they trusted for (parents not divorcing, sickness being healed, etc..) hasn?t happened and because it was coached in ?trust? terminology they have abandoned real trust in an ultimately good Heavenly Father.

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