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So...even more from my last blog up until recently....more good memories!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Well...cate and I have been talking and praying....as the lord hears our talking I think that is fair, and we've certainly been waiting on Him so I think that counts! At any rate we are pondering planting a 24-7 community here in Hamilton. We have so many people and communities that we love here, HCF and the FRWY most importantly, but there still seems to be something that is unsettled in us and certainly in me. I feel like the 24-7 community that I dream of is just lingering in the shadows of reality waiting for us to call it out. I hope so anyway!
So...I guess our prayer that we are really focussing on right now is praying that the Lord would bring the team. We aren't going to build without a team and so we are praying for the right team to come along. Bring them Lord! Please Lord would you bring people into our path that have the same heart.
Righto - on a more sublime level, I love farms! We went to the royal winter fair yesterday as we do every year - I'll post some pictures later - but I love animals, the farm....
For a while the year before last, I was riding every night after work and learning how to treat, train and take care of my mother in law's horse. I miss that...a lot.

Thursday, November 23, 2006
I love hugs. Phil Togwell - friend from England found this video on You Tube - must admit I was crying too.

Makes me feel like the opening from Love Actually which is one of my favorite movies of all time.

Interesting isn't it - we are created with a need for community, created with a need to belong, and yet the culture does everything it can to keep us apart and seperate. In fact our life in many ways is this hacking away at our ability to trust people enough to let them into community. I wonder if it helps to know that people will let you down as you enter community. Then your expectation moves to hope which seems healthier. I don't know that I want to expect things from people in my community, other than my family - but I might hope for a hug.

Friday, December 29, 2006
more on Christmas and Kindness

So - just a few ramblings. We had an odd Christmas at the Joneses to say the least - all but Catherine were quite ill and so we cancelled all parties and instead watched movies, had toast and honey and actually (other than violent trips to the bathroom, at some points there was a que!) we had a really nice time together. Odd that sickness slowed us down to realise how much we enjoy each other. Especially now our kids are getting older it is really cool to hang out with them! I'll post the picture we sent out this year with our Christmas card.

By accident - one of our charming and budding computer wizards deleted about 4 months of digital pictures including our trip to Washington! So...enjoy the pictures on the blog because those are the only ones we have....thank heaven the one of the Washington memorial is still around!

Kindness - I was thinking again about kindness. One of the things that we have been struck by in 24-7 is the need to go underground so to speak, be incognito. I think this is important because otherwise kindness often is used as bribery in a way. It is quite cool and fashionable these days for church communities to give stuff away or have events for free...but if the authentic heart is lacking it is merely a form of lost leader inviting the consumer in on false pretenses merely so they can get hooked on something else. I witnessed this in a Zellers while shopping for Catherine's present. Some odd tall man with a balding top plate and really long ponytail (this happens often in Hamilton...and Phil no offense my friend - it was much longer hair than yours was!) shoved this pair of tickets into my hand for a draw for 'free jewelry.' Now I am no big fan of jewelry but I am also not an idiot and Catherine has been making the odd comment about getting her a diamond, so intrigued as to what sort of jewelry Zellers could be dishing out - I sidled over to the counter as he was announcing the draw....soon enough I realised...the draw was only to take place after we had witnessed a presentation on some other items that we could purchase at a great discount of course. I figured, being the scam artist that i am...that I would just walk around the perimeter and not bore myself with his fervent sales pitch marked with bad puns and then return for the draw. No dice - the draw was to work like this - listen to the deal, drop half of your ticket in after the deal was pitched, and then, and only then would the draw for free jewelry commence. Aha - it was as I had suspected, an empty gesture of luck at an especially materialistic time of year. I hope our kindness doesn't do that... It strikes me that if we desire to not find ourselves pitching to people we must be willing to be incognito, needing no accolades...or results! Aha now we strike close to the church planters heart...our kindness must flow from an uncompromising trust in the kindness of God. That He is kind to others and loves other more than we. We must throw ourselves at the feet of this awe inspiring God and trust in His strength to reach people, love people and heal people, not our ability to coerce them into our buildings or homes, gain their phone numbers or email. In short we must believe that what God said He will do He will do. Which of course if not to say we should be illusive or untouchable, on the contrary it frees us to be authentically kind.

That was more than I was thinking of posting...well I'll pop it up anyway.

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Monday, December 11, 2006
God's kindness
My friend Brian in Ibiza has been blogging on God's kindness. Well a few months ago I think now, you'll have to check his blog history. Interesting though I have just been floored by the kindness of God, his compassion. The Lord is so compassionate, why aren't we? I rarely have compassion for people. I was reading again Brennan Manning's Ruthless Trust. This book is one of a handful of books that I would say has changed my life in some way. At any rate he quotes a French writer who comments 'to know all is to forgive all.' When we are compassionate and kind we care about the 'others' story before we comment on it. We also begin to relise that all the postmodernist out there are actually right, that we can not hope to 'know the other' it is an impossibility and so we have two options, disdan or kindness and compassion. Interesting too that the one who actually does know all (who IS the absolute truth....different postmodern post on that perhaps later..but interesting) is the one who forgives all. Amazing.

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Sunday, December 10, 2006
short update
So....been a while.
Short of work right now, and by short I mean....none.
Upsetting because I still find myself busy or procarastinating. I think when I am less busy I get almost nothing done and when I am busy I am much more efficient.

I am trying to renew a bit of my mind which still has a hang up about what failure or percieved failure in this life means. I used to think (and still do in the deep recesses of my mind...when i am not beating them down) that if things were'nt working well, if work or family wasn't all going tickety boo it was because I was out of God's will and that if I just did a few things to get back in his will - a little prayer time, bit of a fast and maybe some tithing - that everything would sort itself out. Do you think that is true? I wonder. I don't like it and don't believe it - but it seems to be what a lot of people believe the bible to be saying. remember that oft quoted saying which I certainly can't find in the bible ' the Lord helps those who help themselves.' I kind of think that is a crock of crap - the Lord helps those who can't help themselves. Isn' t that the wonder of the gospel?

Right - well in more mundane news - I found a great new pub - or new to me www.corktownpub.ca (website seems to be down right now....) went for lunch and darts with Caleb today - It was great.

Saturday, November 04, 2006
So...great link on Dan's blog regarding youth ministry and entertainment - I wish some of the parents that I spent hours arguing with when I was working in youth work would look at this!

Here's a blurb and check Dan's blog for the link (interesting side note - I know some html, and am very familiar with web apps etc...running Parabola for so long. I'm also an early adopter - I have a Blackberry, Tungsten W I love all the gadgets, however for some reason I just can't get motivated to change my blog - insert html tags etc..in my blog!) Sorry guys!)

"But in recent years churches have begun offering their young people a style of religious instruction grounded in Bible study and teachings about the doctrines of their denomination. Their conversion has been sparked by the recognition that sugarcoated Christianity, popular in the 1980s and early '90s, has caused growing numbers of kids to turn away not just from attending youth-fellowship activities but also from practicing their faith at all"

I would say not so much doctrine...not sure how that floats, but definitely authentic representation of what we are about. Reality man. It is where it is at.

Other things....Pernell said something to me last night that I have been really pondering...I feel like I am always griping about work, not feeling like I know what I am doing. I know it is because I haven't really comitted to anything in my heart and so comitting to something in vocation is hard. I want desperately to get past that...but how does one do that? At the same time, perhaps even more importantly I want to be full od joy whatever circumstance I find myself in, not optimisim..but realy joy. At any rate - Pernell made the observation that I am all about helping people and leading people and the jobs that I do right now don't really get me doing either. I think I'v ealwasy known that, but the clarity of the statement has me floored. So...now what the hell do I do?! I guess look for work in a segment of society that allows me to do those things? But then the reality of the number of mouths in my family comes back to haunt my decision making....

I can't sort it out.

By the way - I love taking my son Josiah to hockey practice - i feel like a Canadian Dad - although I am a crappy hockey player. If we were going to rugby practice, that would be something else.

Hmmm....which reminds me..September of next year - I would like to be in Wales watching Wales play Austrailia in a World cup match....that would be nice...!

Sunday, October 22, 2006
the cottage

I know I've been silent of the last two weeks - I 've actually been where Southern Ontarians call 'up North' even though it is still more South than most of Canada! Parry Sound. Nice beautiful quentisential Muskoka Lake building a beautiful custom Timberframe cottage. I am only on the job for two weeks because that is about the length of time it takes for my five awesome kids to drive my wife nuts....so I am home now and thought I would post this picture of the jobsite - it is a joining of 5 pictures so some of the perspectives are kind of off..but you'll get the idea.

I like building - but I even still can't shake the feeling like there is something else I am supposed to be doing with my life. It gets under my skin and makes me grumpy. I just don't know what that something is - I am assuming that when the Lord wants me to know - He'll let me know, everything right now seems to not work when I try and make it work so I am crying UNcle and waiting for Him to make it clear.
Frustrating all the things that are in my head. Probably post more on this later...

Here's the pic ?

Friday, October 13, 2006
Been away building a custom cottage for a company called Timmerman Timberworks. Incredible guys, good friends and great craftsmen - makes me nervous doing work for them! What if I screw it up. Went up with my crew on Tuesday and we'll go up again on Monday for another week. This week was a little tricky, getting back into the swing of things, made a few mistakes that I had to correct. When I worked at the shop i remember my uncle saying "you always know if someone has made a mistake because they are working faster than ever!" well that was true of me. There was another guy on the job, more experienced than I, and he kept saying, "do it this way, that way..." annoying beacuse even though he might have been right, there is more than one way to skin a cat! At any rate, I was getting frustrated and I remember reading Brennan Manning and him saying something like, "it is impossible to insult one who knows that their identity is Abba's child." I guess i still have a ways to go to understanding my identity!
I'll try and take some pictures of the job to post soon.

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Saturday, October 07, 2006
American Military

Just going through my images from Washington - I took a couple cool pictures of the Iwa Jima memorial. The memorial is basedon a real picture taken during world War II in Japan. Marines putting a flag on top of a mountain. Three of the men in the memorial statue died on the island during the war, I think they were all 22, at least all in their 20's.
Wierd moments there, we asked the kids what the statue made them feel - bravery, pride, things you might expect. I think it's odd because those were the same feelings I had, but I am mostly a pacifist...although I have so few soapboxes these days...basically I know nothing. I love the line in the movie Rudy when he asks the priest what the deal is with God....the priest responds by saying "son in 46 years of theological study I am only sure of 2 things.. there is a God, and I am not Him."
So all that to say, any thoughts on the memorial, war in general etc...?

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Friday, October 06, 2006

OK - so one more tonight...just keeping you up to speed....

Loved Washington - not too big a fan of American politics in general, but some of the memorials were incredible and I was moved to tears at the Lincoln memorial. They have the gettysburg address on the left and his second inagural address on the right - both incredible. Then downstairs you can see the emancipation proclamation and some video of Martin Luther King Jr. address from the memorial. Incredible, that is a cool heritage. Even while being annoyed by the current american political scene, it did spur me on to think again about going into politics...I wonder.

We also loved Old Georgetown - we found this great little pub called Martins that has served all the presidents since it opened. The Kennedy's got engaged there and a KGB spy ran operations out of there in the 50's!

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Alright - I can't join youtube for some freakin reason - so you'll have to go there yourself and look up OK Go and check out the video with the treadmills - so hilarious. This is music video at it's best -
here we go again is the name of the song I think.....

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So...we've just come back from Washington on a family trip - Catherine was there to go to a career counselling center that I has been to before. www.ability potentials.com
At any rate - more posting to come on that, but I couldn't resist getting this picture of the washington memorial which in general is a pretty lame memorial...he really got shafted so to speak...grin.....

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new beginnings
Odd how blogs have become this cathartic way of re-inventing oneself in public. It seems to me that in general we bloggers (and I include myself as a previous blogger) are looking for a way to express ourselves out loud in front of everyone - it would be interesting to figure out whether or not we continue to blog if no one reads...and in that case, why not just keep a journal! At any rate, my previous blogs were just that, a way to express who I wanted you to think I was.....this time I think I'll try and drop the facade. I'm a bit of a blog lurker - I read loads of my friends blogs and I really like to keep up on their lives, travels, thoughts etc...so I think that's what I am going to try to do here, in a light hearted way. Sure it will likely get theoretical sometimes, but mostly I'd just like to try and fill friends in on life as jones.

happy reading!

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So I went back and found my old blog - thought I would post all the entries here just for the record. Kind of interesting reading if you've got the time - interesting to see what I thought back then!

Had a really good night in Toronto with friends Todd and Niki Cantelon. They are planting a church, Freedomize, downtown and had a coffee house deal last night in the beaches. Loads of fun and good friends. It got me to thinking - he said that he is comitted to the building of the Kingdom by the planting of local churches. And I think I agree. The issue might be what does planting local church look like. Often it is a modern construct, involving service times and buildings and stuff - not that all of that is bad, just limited at some level. If, however, we start the planting of the local church as a community of disciples centered around work, or business ventures, or mom's groups or what have you; there is a growing network of diciples which is really the church anyway. Isn't it? Denominationalism becomes less of a factor and we are enabled to grow explonentialy (I think I'll leave that typo in!) without borders. Now I realize that this all sounds ideal and I don't think it's as easy as all that, however, what if we said that church planting involved communities of disicples and left it at that - would that help the discourse? God builds the church and the church grows by connecting disciples. Apostles becomes important, prophets etc... hmmm gotta think some more. Very liquid churchish, a la Pete Ward.
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:: Tuesday, November 05, 2002 ::

We did our second alternative worship service called Elevate this last Sunday night. We are a little frustrated withthe space that we have to work with. Pews are useless for just about everything! Since it was so close to All Saints day, we jumped off that cliff and rounded up a mass of facts on saints and persecuted Christians and folks who did some really neat stuff from Stephen until fairly current. It went really well and one of our guys wrote a liturgy for it - we chickened out on one part that he wrote..."make us one body Lord, like Voltron, only better!" One thing that we did that was kind of neat was we brought a tread mill in from someone's house and set it up with a lamp outside and a scripture from Hebrews about running the race with perseverance. You could get on and go for a run while meditating on this scripture. Surprisingly it was quite a spiritual experience and certainly for me I was encouraged in my own race to run more diligently!
Another thing that we tried that didn't really work very well was creating a representation of heaven. The kids tried really hard, with tons of white lights, white sheets, and mirrors but it just ended up a little flat. I guess we just can't do "no eye has seen, no ear heard, no mind concieved what the Lord has in store!"
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:: Friday, November 01, 2002 ::

The new Freshresource site is up - really neat online community where users can post events, links, articles etc... I'm not so sure how they intend to stop people using it as a major advertising spot, or maybe they don't care. Not certain, at any rate, another fantastic site by electricurrent. They do some great things.
Just finished a neat article on the relationship between theology and the prophetic. The gist of the article is that we often elevate theology as a modern, rational pursuit above the inspired living word. The only issue being of course that the prophetic word is often subjective and prone to mistake, the verifying of the prophetic position is a must. Seems in some ways that our current climate to accept anything cultural as OK spiritually because God loves people is an example of this. I'm speaking here mostly of sexual issues on either side of the gender orientation divide.
We will be running a youth leaders training program in the winter specifically aimed at those attempting to be missionaries to emerging culture within the anglican scene. Should be interesting to say the least. At this point we are planning on doing several evening session over the course of a few months. More info to follow.
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:: Friday, October 25, 2002 ::

Looks as if I need to start a section on books. I read many; some, including my wife would say that I read too many - is that possible I wonder. At any rate, I've started a new book by George Barna entitled, hmm now I've forgotten it - oh, "The Power of Team Leadership" Really quite good, the premise so far is that we have elevated the role that leaders play to an unrealistic degree. So, leadership is intregal to the effectiveness of any mission, and yet without a good team of leaders where everynoe is empowered to lead to their potential you are left with another thin end of a bottle. Good premise, because as a leader I am often called upon to do such a wide variety of tasks and have such a wide variety of skills that it is almost impossible to succeed. Perhaps that is why we have more leaders that are less specifist (if that is a word) and more generalists. They can get along in most fields adequately.
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:: Friday, October 18, 2002 ::

I mentioned a book a couple of days ago by Thomas Dubay on John of the Cross. I was so struck by a discourse on faith that I had to pop it up on the blog.

"To appreciate what John is saying as he insists upon the insufficiency of the created order to bring us to the Uncreated, we must first grasp something of the utter otherness, the transcendece of God. He is not only beyond all things; He is boundlessly beyond them. Created realities are, as one of the councils puts it, more unlike God than like Him."..."If the intellect, then, is to reach union with God in this life, insofar as is possible, it must take that means which bears a proximate resemblence to God and unites with Him. That which bears this near similtude to God is the virtue of faith."

That takes a while to get the 'ole head around, but is good food for thought.
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:: Tuesday, October 15, 2002 ::

Another month goes by and I am still behind in everything, including the 'ole blog! So,... lots of stuff going on. We started a new alternative worship service, 'elevate.' The first one went really well. We used the theme of thanksgiving and had a bunch of stuff that people could do to give thanks and to reflect on God's goodness to us - couple of them were a) we stacked all the bibles that we could find into a massive stack, including four really massive, really old ones (one was printed in the 1600's!) and then we made a little plaque kind of thing that stated this fact - "2oo million Christians worldwide do not have a bible." It was pretty powerful and certainly touched a lot of people. b) we had a station with a bunch of clay which people could mold into some representation of themselves and then we had one of those chimnea fireplace things that people could go and throw their clay into almost like an offering of themselves. I wrote a few bits of liturgy just to tie it together and one of the guys created a CD for the whole night - really good and incorporated Lauryn hill's new CD which is incredible!
Couple books read over the last little while, George Barna "Growing true Disciples", "Fire of Love" by Thomas Dubay which is ostensibly about John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila, "Sacred Romance" by John Eldrege, and a couple more. John Maxwell's book on leadership too. I think that where the Maxwells and Barnas meet the Eldredges and Dubays and Bickles is where I want to form my ministry centre. The One thing, love of the Lord combined with a real sense of mission. I haven't read this book yet but a mentor of mine qouted from the new Dick Eastman book saying, "the reason that we need mission organisations is because there is no real worship!" hmmmmm, wow.
The Surge is still on the burner and we're gearing up for it -seems to be a real test of faith right now!
That's all for now.
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:: Thursday, September 05, 2002 ::

WOW, haven't written for over a month! Not that I don't have much to say, but it does appear true that it is hard to get back into the swing of things. Hopefully that will change as of now! Couple of new sites to note, FreshResource site is currently undergoing construction looks like it will be great! It is getting redesigned by a fantastic design company that I have connected with in the past - www.electricurrent.com. Their site is incredile and well worth the surf! Also, Jessica one of the youth at RFL just returned for a holiday from her time at NGM. She spent the summer in Ibetha and in conjunction with 24-7 NGM created a fantastic site www.clubberstemple.com also well worth the surf. I hope to do some more thinking soon, right now we are in the thick of start up for the fall as I am sure everyone is, so I might be a bit spotty getting back into the blogging saddle, but here goes!
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:: Friday, June 07, 2002 ::

Sometimes thinking hurts my brain, but it's an addiction of the mind - I can't stop
I've been exploring some of this alternative worship stuff - incredible. I mean some of us have been doing things like this for a while without really embracing it all - I mean at camps that I've run, or services I've taken we have done things like honey on the lips, a light to my path and explored those images as worship - however this stuff takes it to a whole other level! It's almost like stumbling on a hidden mine field here! Props to Jonny Baker et al who have been running with this for a while. Real encouraging.
Still struggling with icons of Jesus - and here's the question. Does a Christian artist have any responsibility to represent Jesus as He was lodged in space and time? I mean I always struggle with that in music too - I know that U2 are being honest when they challenge peace on earth, but does honesty have sway over truth? I mean peace is confusing but if we are going to believe God we know that He will do it and in the mean time we need to partner with Him not walk in disbelief. In the same way does an artist have any responsibility to represent Jesus as he was - a first century Jewish carpenter - not a white anglosaxon with a halo, nor a black woman, but an Israeli who was probably pretty poor in the material sense. Hmmm.
I think we also have to look at how we are representing things to our culture. I agree that the common image of Jesus as this glassy eyed British guy with long hair is probably not the best image, but the very impetus for us to rail against that and change it because it isn't a good representation should drive us to to find a real representation, which since there were no cameras is going to be pretty damn difficult.
Well there you have it - where does that leave us? I guess with Paul "Don't let anything distract you from pure and simple devotion to Jesus."
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:: Wednesday, June 05, 2002 ::

Haven't done nearly what I need to today - checked out some more of John Maxwell's Leadership Laws - nice work here. I suppose one of the major questions is how does Maxwell and Hybels and the mega-church, business model gell with Jesus. I mean at one level, they have got the people. Something still doesn't feel exactly right though - maybe because I don't have the people?
The issue, though, seems to be whether or not a system or a method can really convey authenticity. I suppose in a postmodern sense, I would argue that it doesn't and that the system is just added to other systems that people live with each day. I mean Christianity is a whole world view change - on the other hand who can judge a person's heart...not me.
Perhaps as in most of these things we must consider a balance.
I just get uncomfortable when, for instance, worship, has to be comfortable for everyone - and yet if we don't consider that at somepoint we end up with complete isolation and independence in worship - which I am sure the Lord never intended.
Nice ezine out that I found through Jonny Baker blog - thirst. It can be found at http://www.thirstmagazine.co.uk
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:: Tuesday, June 04, 2002 ::

Well, you know I'll be watching!
Neat thing this blog is. I'm glad I'll be able to keep up to speed with your thought life now! yikes! This should fill up really quickly if you can get your thoughts down in keeping with your 'idea productivity'!
I love you
(This is Chris's wife for those of you wondering.)
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So, a blog... I like the idea of a blog, kind of risky at one level - exposed for all to see, and yet so hidden. Hmm, there's definitely a poem in there somewhere. At any rate, I guess this is a forum for me to think, to have others think back, to explore, to report. A place to journal too I suppose. Maybe I'll be the only one watching - maybe.
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: Tuesday, June 11, 2002 ::

Just watched Black Hawk Down for the first time. I think it is one of the most disturbing movies I have seen, that and traffic. I mean what kind of screwd up world is this where people make millions of dollars on the fact that there are kids shooting their fathers and women getting shot and starving. And I just rented the movie! Where does that money go? I hope that some of it goes to Somalia but I doubt it. What does a Christian do? One of the characters said something that stuck with me. He was basically talking about the horror of war and the need to justify it and how he stays focussed and able to continue. He says to his comrade "out there, it is all about the man beside you." I suppose that's the only way you survive.
Still working, slowly on all of the stuff for R-93, our leadership training program this summer. Man, I need to not procrastinate! If anyone has a good solution for a lack of self-disicpline send it on over, quit hogging the solution!
So - wierd situation in the West. The Anglican diocese out there is deciding basically whether to allow gays and homosexuals to be married and practicing homosexuals to be ministers. The deal here that seems pretty unfortunate is that the real debate for most people, including myself, is the authority of God's word to speak into our lives. For me, the debate might as well be about a decision to ordain a chronic liar. I mean the principle is all the same. Crazy. The whole debate focusses on pluralism when you get down to brass tacks. I mean is there or is there not an absolute truth and if there is, am I allowed to believe it without being a bigot?
Things that make you go hmmm.
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Tuesday, June 18, 2002 ::

OK - so the diocese in New Westminster voted and the bishop gave his assent for the blessing of same sex marriages. Now before any blog readers label me a bigot and a homophobe, my issue is not with the gay, lesbian population. God loves them, and I love them - do I think that living as a practicing homosexual is wrong? Yes, but I also think evading taxation is wrong and that murdering one's neighbour is wrong and I have the freedom apparently to believe that - in fact if I don't I get sent to jail. Odd. At any rate -the point here is whether or not the bible can inform our lives. If it can't on this issue, then on what can it inform our lives. You can see hopefully then, that the issue is so much bigger than homosexuality and it is such a shame that it centers on this issue.
In other news, the Surge is starting to Surge. Pretty neat, and we now have a review on the new thirst online magazine run by Lewis Parfitt. Pretty cool. I checked out a link from another blog and ended up at the small ritual site I think. Neat poetry there, and in fact the use of the poem about God in a sleeping bag combined with Jeff Snyder's song, "Stay awhile" is a pretty good combination.
England and Brazil on Friday. I staunch Welshman (or at least a Canadian with strong Welsh roots) I must cheer for the English. I know, but what are my other options? The Welsh are not really doing much well these days with no football and very little rugby to speak of, given the recent thrashing by the Springboks.
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Wednesday, June 26, 2002 ::

Delirious last night in Toronto! Nice. Man what a great band. I'm a lyric guy and I love their lyrics, perhaps second only to the best band of all time, U2. Good music too, stu G the guitarist used to be the weak point for me, but he really has progressed and I like their sound. relatively small show- maybe 2500 but really sweet. Also bumped into a few people that I haven't seen in a long time. Todd C the pastor of a church plant in Toronto called Freedomize. When I get a sec I'll post a link. Also reconnected with some old friends including someone who I knew in high school who is an actor/write in Toronto. Neat guy, he does some one man show stuff on David and Job and it looks really good. I'm actually quite a big fan of incorporating drama into worship. Seems useful to use your whole body to express your love. [again, I'll post the link later but it's something like fallinggiant.com] At any rate, I'm struggling with all this Anglican stuff, my job, my calling etc... and this guy Jason who I haven't seen since his wedding 5 years or so ago asks me the most intense question. Actually before I get to that, it was pretty cool since he also suggested a book by Eldridge that I had already read and loved! Wild at Heart - check it out! So Jason asks me the whopper..."what are you passionate about?"
What am I passionate about?
I'm passionate about Jesus, He is my passion.
I'm passionate about youth, they are His passion too.
I'm passionate about worship, about being a servant.
I'm passionate about teaching, about creativity.
I'm passionate about the gifts of the Spirit and their use.
I'm passionate about relationships.
I'm passionate about my kids, about my wife.
I'm passionate about writing, about leadership.
I'm passionate about identity, about the heart.
I'm passionate about heaven, and about earth.
I'm passionate about need, and passionate about pain.
I'm passionate about love, and about freedom.
I'm passionate about art and truth.
I'm passionate about impressions and alternatives.
I'm passioante about media and about culture.
I'm passionate about the emerging generation.
I'm passionate about God's manifest presence.
I'm passionate about war and sex.
I'm passionate about music.
I'm passionate about projects that smash the paradigm of secular and sacred.
I'm passionate about grace and truth.
I'm passionate.
I'm passionate about Jesus, I love Him.
In other news, are we up for a Brazil - Germany final? Oh man.
The Thirst online magazine has some poems that I have written up now. Faith and Here and now are both pieces that I wrote over the past year. I hope that Thirst lasts, as it seems to be a good connecting point. There are so many ezine type places out now with music, art, photo's etc... I wonder what will be the next thing. I don't think that they connect youth very well actually. College and young careers probably, but youth seem to be more into communication rather than viewing. MSN, etc... are the big youth connections. I do more youth work online through MSN than anything else! Talk about Liquid church.

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:: Tuesday, July 02, 2002 ::

Middle of camp right now - pretty tired - also beginning of a five week leadership course that we are running called R-93. Nice. So, pretty good so far - God is showing up and right now everything I do seems to lead to one truth that is just challenging everything I have done and do in youth minstry. Here she be..."God does not want you to be good - He wants you to be free." As the institutional church we so often treat the symptoms and ignore the sickness perhaps believing that all God wants from us is morality. He didn't die on the cross so that you could be a good boy or girl, or so that I would make it on His list that He checks twice! He wants us to be free. More on that later, but right now suffice it to say that this is a big thought that I've maybe thought before but has never really hit me. Another truth hit me today as well - Jesus wept.
We had a great worship service the other day with the kids - it involved cutting a watermelon apart with my sword and burning a pile of rocks to recreate Elijah and the fire coming down from heaven. Well, not exactly like that - but since it was 45 here yesterday the idea was the same!
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:: Wednesday, July 24, 2002 ::

I received a great article today from the Prime leadership people. Written by Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Fellowship in Seattle it puts together some great thoughts on postmodern youth ministry. I've posted a link to it on the side and in it there is a link to Mars Hill Fellowship. Neat church and some good thinking. I still wonder if it is just impressive to ourselves. Are we being missiological when we just change what is inside the box of church instead of chucking the box and doing church in life. Church is life, life is church, people are church the church is people... hmmm. I mean I kow that folks put a high regard for community but don't we always start church planting and thinking with the question "what are we going to do in the service?" Maybe not, but it seems like it. The other element that I still see as critical to all of this that doesn't seem to play a big role in much postmodern thinking is the leading of the Spirit. No matter which way you slice it I believe we still have to keep in step with Him or else we jsut resort to systematic ministry which it doesn't seem like Jesus ever did. One time it was spit, one time it wasn't. Briner has a great quote about this that I'll just throw in here for comment - ?We feel we are making a difference [Christians] because we are so important to ourselves. We have created a phenomenal subculture with our own media, entertainment, educational system, and political hierarchy so that we have the sense that we?re doing a lot. But what we have really done is create a ghetto that is easily dismissed by the rest of society.? (pg.31, Briner - "Roaring Lambs")
All for today - feel free to email comments, or I may figure out how to add a comment possibility, they just take so long to load.
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:: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 ::

So I think I have come up with a personal belief about ministry. I still reserve the right to alter this but I think as a guiding principal it is the basis for how I operate. Basiclly this is based on something a friend of mine used to say, "People either see God through us or supernaturally, for themselves." Although it has it's drawbacks, the point is quite good. So here is what I have arrived at, ideally in a service I would like youth to come because of relationships that they have through discipleship etc... and that way even if things are wierd they have solid enough relationships that they are OK and can continue on. If youth just show up cold turkey at a service I would like to think that we make the place so conducive to the ministry of the Holy Spirit that they are changed and experience the presence of the Living God. That will draw them back. Well as I said, I still reserve the right to edit - but I feel pretty good about this so far.
In other news, Jason Boucher is leading a session at R-93 right now on leadership and doing a bang up job! Check out his youth church site at the side, JOLGEN. He does some great stuff and has thought through a lot of this stuff quite well. If I get the chance I'll put up an interview with him that a group in the States did. Good show.
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